Choosing a Natural Birth with a Midwife

It is well known throughout the world that for a low-risk, healthy mama, birthing a baby naturally with a midwife in a quiet, familiar environment is not only safe, but better for the woman and baby.

The exceptional woman-centered Midwives Model of Care, which is based around the fact that pregnancy and child birth are natural processes, is a good reason to consider a midwife. A woman who has been given choices and freedom to birth as she wishes, combined with the love and trust of those supporting her, results in fewer interventions and better outcomes for mama and baby.

 When you are prepared and confident in your ability to birth your baby naturally, the whole process of childbirth is much easier. A midwife not only prepares you to rock your birth, she is there supporting you all the way. She is a wealth of knowledge about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and even breastfeeding. She provides physical support, emotional support and monitors you and the baby throughout pregnancy and birth. If there is ever a sign that something isn't quite right, a good midwife will refer you to the proper care. Safety, health and happiness of mama and baby are a midwife's top priority.


Women have been giving birth naturally since the beginning of time and it has never been a safer choice for women than today. A midwife usually studies for many years before receiving her credentials. She is experienced in many areas, including prenatal care and childbirth, as well as well woman care.

Whether you are choosing a home birth, birth center birth, or a birth at a hospital, working with a midwife will provide you with the emotional and physical support you need to follow your birth plan and bring your baby into the world without unnecessary medical interventions that can complicate the natural process.

Before choosing your main care provider, consider the birth you want to have. Do you want familiar people surrounding you? Do you want to know exactly who's going to help you deliver your baby? Do you want to have choices? Do you want a peaceful birth? Do you want to feel empowered as a woman? Do you want your baby to experience a zen transition into the world? If so, you want to choose a midwife to care for you. Ask any mama who's done it: birth is a woman's sacred right. It is meant to be hers, and hers alone.


 If you've already chosen to birth with a midwife, congrats! Pregnancy and child birth will be a wonderful journey for you. When considering which midwife to choose, interview a few, take a look at their experience and credentials, and trust your instincts. The relationship you build with your midwife will be filled with integrity and love. It is also likely you'll gain a lifelong friend, who listens to you, believes in you and loves you like family. There's something very special about the bond you create with your midwife. She'll teach you to believe in your body and your baby, and trust the process.

By Christine Rapsys, Writer and Pure Births Mama