Birthing your baby as you vision it, at home, has been a normal part of life for centuries. The experience of birthing your baby at home allows you to enjoy the comfort and familiarity of your own space: the scent of the sheets, the softness of the pillows, your favorite essential oils, your favorite music, the sacred touch of your loved ones. With all of your senses aroused, you can connect with the innate ability inside you to birth your baby naturally, which will reduce the need for medical intervention.

Pure Birth's Midwives will join you at your home when you are in active labor, bring all the needed supplies and equipment, and quietly "set up" in an area nearby while you labor. We encourage you to eat and drink freely, and implement comfort measures to keep your body and mind supported through your experience.

We will monitor you and your baby throughout to make sure that labor is progressing safely. We also encourage our mamas to move in their labor: dancing (belly dancing in particular), hip rotations, and slow dancing with your partner. All of that hip swaying helps your baby "move down" and get ready for birth.

Hydrotherapy, such as showering or laboring in a bathtub or birth tub, is another wonderful option we offer to our clientele.

Overall we want our clients to feel supported to labor freely throughout their home or yard, and to use all the tools your home offers. We trust that your body and your baby synergistically unite and guide you through your birth journey.




When the urge to push awakens within you, your midwives will be by your side, supporting you with grace. We welcome you to push as your body guides you, and feel your baby's head as it slowly emerges into your hands, and into the world.

In the moments that follow your baby's birth, we will carefully observe her natural and healthy transition to life outside your womb. The immediate postpartum hours are that of quiet voices, dim lights, an oxytocin high, breastfeeding, and skin-to-skin bonding time for baby and family.

Your Midwife will observe you and your baby closely for all signs of normal and healthy transition. Gently and respectfully we will make sure your bleeding is within normal limits, deliver your placenta, and check your vagina for any repairs that may be needed. We will perform a newborn exam with baby right by your side.

After the initial transition, we will make sure you eat, drink, shower and use the restroom. The postpartum shower is utter heaven!

Now it's time to get cozy with your new baby and family for a well deserved rest. We will be back to visit you within 24-48 hours to make sure you're continuing to transition well into your new journey.


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