Personalized and gentle annual feminine exams

Midwives don't just catch babies. They are licensed to offer Well-Woman and Gynecological care too!!!

Our Well Women exams are offered in our comfortable and relaxing exam room. We offer spa robes and always have calming essential oils in each room. We understand this isn’t your favorite appointment to schedule on a weekday afternoon!!  We assure you that we will make you feel comfortable, at ease and well informed during your examination.

We offer health and wellness care beyond pregnancy, new mothers, and women who plan to become pregnant. Pure Births welcomes young women who are seeking a gentle approach for their first Well Women Exam & pap smear.  

We take our time and go slow, we listen to you and your needs.  This is no time to rush! At the close of your exam you will always have extra time to ask questions and we will suggest referrals to specialists, if need be.

Services Include

  • Full Physical

  • Annual Gentle pap smears

  • Breast Examinations

  • Hormone Screening

  • Blood work for specific disorders, such as anemia

  • STD Screening

  • Urine cultures

  • Mammogram Referral

  • Natural & Non-hormonal birth control education

Your visit will be on average 45 minutes long. We will discuss your health history, perform all needed exams and/or blood work. During this time together I encourage you to ask questions and address any concerns with your general health and body as a women. 
Your overall health is our priority!!

Fee: $150

*Labs can be billed to your insurance. 

To schedule your Well Women Exam please use the contact page and fill out your information or call the office at 661.505.8370!

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