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Tiffany has changed the birthing community for the better. She's served families with grace, integrity, and unbiased support. Tiffany has inspired women to have better births and help other women. We were honored to have her apart of our birth experience. 


We switched from an OB to Pure Births at 22 weeks as we moved to a different area and wanted a home birth, it was the best decision we could have made. 

From the first interaction with Tiffany over the phone to holding our precious baby in our arms, Tiffany (and Bree and Jordan - her student assistants) were so caring and supportive and behaved with the utmost professionalism.  We loved going to our prenatal appointments and were never rushed as you can be in a doctors office. The space is serene and calming and full of positive energy.

I am a first time Mom so it could have been an extremely daunting prospect having a home birth but with everyones support at Pure Births the experience was wonderful. My baby was a huge 9 lb 5 oz, I am a petite 5'5, but not once was I made to feel that it wouldn't be possible to have a natural birth, he was born happy and healthy with no issues. Tiffany and Co's support made my home birth experience possible and we have made such special memories which will last forever.


I hardly know where to begin...

I hardly know where to begin.  Tiffany and her team are fantastic.  The money I spent to have our baby here was the best money I ever spent.  I would have paid twice as much for the incredible experience we had.  

Tiffany is passionate and knowledgeable.  On top of that, which may be one of the biggest factors, is that she's accessible.  Whenever I had a question or an issue of any kind, she was available via email, text, call, and facetime.  (Is your OBGYN that available and willing to help? Probably not) She puts the love back into childbirth by treating you the way that no one else will.  She truly values the relationships between herself and her clients and it shows through her work.

The environment here is incredible.  It feels like a comfortable home instead of a medical office, yet she has all of the same equipment you would have access to in a medical office.  This is what makes the environment so special.

I'm a protective person who wouldn't have trusted just anyone to help us bring our first baby into the world.  I would make this choice again over and over and pay out of pocket for her over and over again.  Pure Births is worth every single penny!


Tiffany and her team are wonderful and I can't recommend them enough!  I had a wonderful experience having my third son at their birth center.  They made me feel confident, supported and cared for.  I had my first son at a hospital ( horrible experience),  my second son at a hospital with a wonderful doula (Tammy Leeper) which I had a good experience, but this experience by far was the best - I was 100% in charge and in control and at the same time I felt safe knowing I had a great team. It was the best choice my husband and I could of made.  Thank you Pure Births.


I can't recommend Tiffany and Pure Births enough. I switched from another care provider at about 28-30 weeks after concerns about distance and I'm so thankful that I did. Tiffany was exceptionally helpful in calming me during my anxiety over whether to switch. I remember her telling me, "you need to birth where you are most comfortable, wherever that is" which was incredibly kind at the time since I had not yet committed to her care. 

Prenatal care with her was so wonderful. I used midwives for both my first and second pregnancies and am so glad I did. Both times, but especially with Tiffany at Pure Births, I sincerely appreciated all of the help with mentally preparing for birth - something I did not feel I received from my OB. The mental preparation is what I needed specifically to help me have a successful unmediated birth. Having a calm presence who you trust, like Tiffany, makes all of the difference. Not only was she calm, she was a fierce protector of allowing me to make my own choices during an unexpected situation at the very beginning of my labor. 

I really like that with Tiffany's practice you know exactly who's going to be present at your birth and there are no surprises. I like that the prenatal care is given in the birthing room as much as possible, which helped me become more comfortable with it. Having the option for water birth in both he tub and shower as well as other common indicated options like the bed, ball, etc. is wonderful.

Tiffany is a wonderful collaborator with doulas land I also appreciated that since I needed a doula as well.

Lastly, I'll say that I appreciate that there is an EMT service in the same complex and that Henry Mayo is such a short drive away. Having emergency transferred in a past pregnancy, those were other reasons that I felt most comfortable birthing with her. 

I'm eternally grateful for Tiffany's care!

- Caitlyn

BEST decision ever! Tiffany is amazing and her team they all made us feel like family!


My experience with Tiffany was so awesome! I was stuck between the decision of paying out of pocket for what I wanted (Midwife) and hospital (which was free and I did not want). I changed my mind a few times and Tiffany was so patient and understanding. From what I experienced at my few visits to the regular doctor made me realize it was not the place for me. I wanted to have a provider that knew who I was and actually cared about me. Someone I could contact personally at any time. That was Tiffany. I got more than I could have ever asked for and then some! She is such a kind soul and truly cares about each family. My prenatal care was personalized and I felt so comfortable around her. I truly miss seeing her as often as I did while I was pregnant! I had a very long labor and Tiffany helped me so much. Having her help me and to know she has done the same thing without meds helped so much! If I were in a hospital,I know I would have been trying to fight off unwanted suggestions the whole time while in pain. Tiffany proves that it can be done and is there to comfort you every step of the way. Just relaxing and excepting that my body was meant to give birth was a huge help! I love Tiffany and she is very skilled in her work. I can't recommend her enough to anyone looking to have a natural birth!


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