Jordan moved to California 6 years ago to pursue her dream of working with birthing mothers. Jordan intended on going to nursing school to work in labor and delivery, but was introduced to the amazing world of midwifery and found her passion.

That passion grew this past year as a student midwife, while assisting on so many beautiful births. In October she traveled to a small village in the Philippines for a month to deliver babies and experience what birth is like in a third world country. It was one of the most incredible experiences of her life. Jordan married her long time boyfriend a few years ago and is anxiously waiting to start her family and make some birth memories of her own.

When she is not helping bring babies earth side, Jordan loves the outdoors, traveling and spending time with her family and dog.



My name’s Adriana and I’m a student midwife. I may be young, but I have known that I have wanted to work with moms, babies, and their families for as long as I could remember!

I discovered midwifery a few years back and fell in love with it instantly when I saw the relationships that were being built between midwives and families and that through this practice, moms are able to be given back the power to decide how they want their birth to go.

I want to be able to offer an empowering and healing experience for women as they realize what wonderful things they are capable of. On my free time you can find me drawing, hanging at the beach, and spending time with my puppy. 

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