Excellent prenatal care is the foundation of a healthy pregnancy, labor and birth.

Holistic Prenatal Care with Pure Births Midwife

Pure Births midwifery focuses on nurturing healthy pregnancies through education, empowerment, nutrition, exercise, and mental well-being. We believe in the mind-body connection, and we support each and every pregnancy with individualized care. We understand that each birthing woman has unique needs and expectations with her pregnancy and birth. Excellent prenatal care is the foundation of a healthy pregnancy, labor and birth. We believe that building a strong relationship with your midwife is the core of our prenatal care program, and that it facilitates trust and a sense of safety for our clients that is vital in them having a healthy birth. Birth and trust go hand in hand. 

We welcome and encourage family members and partners to attend visits with you and would love to meet them! Our initial prenatal intake is one and a half hours, and subsequent visits are normally 45 minutes. During this time we will perform a vitals check, listen to your baby's heartbeat, run lab work, measure your belly, and, of course, answer any questions you may have. Prenatal appointments are scheduled as follows: every 4 weeks up until 28 weeks gestation, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, and then every week until 42 weeks.



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I had my first baby November 4th and it was a beautiful empowering experience!
Tiffany was AMAZING!!!! I labored in different positions to ease the contractions and used a birthing ball in the shower (this really works!), she massaged me and used aromatherapy for relaxation. My birth team was like a super woman birthing team.  I only pushed for about 30 mins max and (no vaginal tears!).
My birthing experience was magical and I thank Tiffany for this wonderful experience and memory.
Alicia, Los Feliz
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Tiffany helped me have a beautiful and empowering birth experience. I can't wait to have more babies !!
Betty C, Santa Clarita

Beach Goddess!


Beautiful curves!


Listening to the baby's beautiful heart rate at your prenatal appointments in the comfort of your own room. Daddy can help too!