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  • Swedish Massage :Using a light to medium pressure to relax the body, increase circulation, drain your lymph system and soothe sore muscles, this is the most common massage.


  • Deep Tissue: This massage technique focuses more deeply into the muscle tissue, using knuckles and elbows to work into the tissue, and strip out the tissue nearest to the bone as possible. 


  • Sports Massage: This massage is common among athletes. Daniela will focus on your chronically tense or contracted muscle areas, like upper neck and shoulder areas, in addition to lower back and legs & thighs.


  • Hot Stone massage: This invogating & sensational massage involves the use of smooth, heated stones that the massage therapist places on your body. The therapist also uses the stones in the palms her hands to massage the body. The penetrating heat and weight of the stones are said warm and relax tense muscles so the therapist can work deeper, more quickly.

60 Minutes $80
90 Minutes $100

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