Congratualtions on the birth             of your baby!

Take some time to relax 
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Postpartum Wellness Massage

At Pure Births we are here to support you in the postpartum phase aslo known as the 4th trimester!

A new mother’s body is going through many changes after delivery! Our Postpartum Wellness Massage  focuses on releasing tension in the shoulders, neck, and chest to help release prolactin, which aids in milk production. This massage is typically a lighter pressure to aid in relieving stress and soreness from lack of sleep and all the other demands that new motherhood require.

Specific Essential oil blends wil be used during your massage to aid in your physical and emotional balance.

All oils used are available through Pure Births Wellness, please ask your therapist which oils she suggest you use at home, after your massage. 

Postpartum Wellness Massage Benefits 

    Postpartum Wellness Massage
             60 minutes $80
             90 minutes $100

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