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Natalia Walth has been a professional photographer since 2011. She is a self taught photographer and videographer. With some military, community college and real life under her belt she become a mother of two and wife to a very understanding husband who supplies her caffeine addiction and adds to her laugh lines!!

Motherhood has been her muse and has ignited a flame of passion. A passion to show every mother, new and experienced, that being in the photographs with your children will always be a prized possession.

Natalia had insomnia as a first time mother and she spent her nights feeding her creative hunger by surfing the internet and looking through the portfolios of female photojournalist and somehow she stumbled upon birth stories which of course led her to birth photographers. She knew immediately she had to hire one! She was unable to and she regretted it. She had a natural birth but, the intense labor kept her from her own reality. She hardly remembers the tiny details of her birth and she only had one, 20 second cell phone clip of her daughter in the warmer. That’s it.

Soon after her birth she knew this was her calling. It’s been four years and she is still in awe she gets to call this “work".


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I was lucky enough to have Tiffany’s support for the births of all three of my babies, and I can honestly say that I could not have had the amazing birth experiences that I did without her. All three of my births were birth center/home births with long labors, and she was with me every step of the way. Tiffany is incredibly intuitive to a laboring mother and always knows exactly what is needed, whether it is gentle guidance through contractions, back massage, or soothing essential oils. It was an amazing experience to be at home in such a relaxing environment, where we could bond and nurse with our new baby without any interruption. It was wonderful to have the older siblings come in shortly after the birth and enjoy those precious moments together as a family. I feel incredibly blessed to have had such an amazing experience with all three births, and so grateful for all of Tiffany’s support.
Katie S, Castaic
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She is bringing back awareness to our community about natural, raw birthing!!! We are so excited to have another community midwife!